2022 Final Instructions

10th Annual Hokie Half Marathon and 5K

LATEST UPDATE – Course change and time change for half marathon. 7:50am half marathon starts, 8am for 5K

The Running Club at Virginia Tech, The Virginia Tech Triathlon Club, RunAbout Sports, and the Blacksburg Striders are very excited that this weekend has finally come. We hope you are as excited as we are about the 10th Annual Hokie Half Marathon and 5K. We have many attempting their first half marathon or 5K.

This is the ninth year of the event and one virtual year. We hope we make it special for you. Our team has put everything into this event and we hope it shows.

– James DeMarco, Hokie Half Marathon, and 5K Race Director


WEATHER: Hurricane Ian’s effects on the Blacksburg area will ensure a wet weekend. We are forecasted, as of 11 am Thursday, to receive about 3-5 inches of rain on Saturday and ½ inch on Sunday. Race morning has 7 mph winds and some light rain. After meeting with local officials everything is a go at this time. We will be using a different route which is a two-loop course. The original route has a few low-lying areas that flood easily so we will be doing the two-loop course to avoid any flooded areas.

VIRTUAL RUNNERS: Virtual runners have from September 25th to October 10th to turn in their proof of performance. Please email RunAboutSports@gmail.com. A photo of your Garmin, Strava, map my run, etc will be needed to confirm the finish. Virtual results will be listed but in a virtual category. If you don’t mind sharing a picture of you running or after you finish, we would love to share with our Facebook Hokie Half Marathon and 5K group on Facebook. Thank you! We will ship out your gear once we receive your results, with the first shipments on Monday, October 3rd.


The schedule of events for the In-person race:


Packet Pick-up is at University Mall (801 University City Blvd, Blacksburg) from noon to 8 pm. There will be plenty of signs leading to registration. There will be vendors there selling products so if you need any last-minute items you will be able to get them there.

Please have your ID ready, and if picking up a friend’s – have a picture of their ID.

If you still need to register you can register at Packet Pickup. There is no race day registration.



5:45 a.m. – Charter buses start running their routes to the start and finish from the lower Chicken Hill lot (across from Lane Stadium). They will run continuous loops until 12 noon. All spectators should park at the Chicken Hill lot and ride the bus. It takes less than 8 minutes for the shuttle.

5:30 a.m. – Parking lots in area A (Corporate Research Center and where the start and finish are) are open for parking. If coming from Research Center Drive (off of 460) please take a left at Kraft and follow the parking attendants. Those coming up Tech Center Drive off of Innovation, please take a right at Pratt Drive and follow the parking attendants.

Spectators parking for start and finish- All spectators should park at the Chicken Hill lot and ride the bus. It takes less than 8 minutes for the shuttle. If parking after 9:00 am you may try and park at the VT Corporate Research Center. We suggest coming in off of Innovation and Research Center Drive.

** The half marathoners run right by Parking Lot B – about nine miles in they go up Chicken Hill. A great place to cheer and then load the shuttles to catch the finish line.



Sunday high of 50-56 degrees. 90% chance of rain at this time.

Dropping off a Runner

Drop-off parking is at the VT airport. Drive up Research Center Drive off of Innovation or take Research Center Road off of Main or 460. When you get to the VT Airport follow the signs posted and parking attendants.

Bag Drop Off

To the right of the finish line will be an area to drop off your bag. Look for the sign. There will be label tags on which to write your bib number and then hand it to one of the VT Corp of Cadets. We do not want any bags unattended, and any bags left unattended can and will be searched by police.

Schedule of Races

7:30 am – Announcements given

7:40 am – National Anthem

7:46 am – Head to the start line

7:48 am – Wave One in position

7:50 am – Hokie Half Marathon STARTS!

7:58 am – 5K runners move to the start line (next to the finish line)

8:00 am – 5K Race starts

11:45 am – Course Closes

12:00 pm – Last bus leaves for Chicken Hill parking lot (Lot B)

Half Marathon Start Line

The start is on Research Center Drive, where the bus drops runners off and by the finish line. Runners are asked to hang out by the finish, where the vast majority of the porta potties are located, music, bag drop off and announcements take place. After the national anthem, we will have the half marathoners walk to the start. The race will start at 7:50 am.

5K Start Line

The start line is right next to the finish line.

Finish Line

The finish line is the same for the half marathon and 5K. It is by the VT Airport off of Kraft and Research Center Drive.

Course Directions

Every mile will be marked. Road marshals and police are also on the course and are at every intersection. Posted signs and cones will be used for course directions along with marshals pointing runners in the correct direction.

Chip Instructions

To ensure we can provide you with an accurate finish time, please follow these instructions.

  • Your bib must be worn on the front of your body preferably at chest height.
  • Please avoid wearing the bib on the side of your shorts or the back of your shirt to ensure your chip is picked up by the sensors.
  • Your bib must be worn on your outermost layer (Cannot be covered).
  • Do not bend, crinkle or remove the timing chip on your bib.


Porta Johns on Course

There are 34 porta johns at the finish where the buses drop runners off. We will have four by the start area and another 10 on the course. There will be signs on the course letting you know porta johns are coming up. They are located at 2.3, 4.5, 6.3, 8.1, 10.3, and 12.1 – all near aid stations.


We have a band playing at the finish and music acts along the course to help inspire you to the finish. There are seven musical acts and a DJ.

Aid Stations

There are six aid stations providing water and Gatorade. They are at mile markers: 2.3, 4.5, 6.3, 8.1, 10.3, and 12.1. At Mile markers 4.5 and 10.3 (aid stations two and five) they will give out GU. The Gu is Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Outrage (both have 20mg caffeine), and Strawberry Banana (no caffeine).

First Aid

There will be an ambulance crew at the finish. There will be one ATV EMS units on the Huckleberry Trail. Riding with the half marathon and the 5K will be two EMS responders on bikes (four total). There will be an ambulance crew along the course and another on standby. All water stations have a first aid kit and petroleum jelly (Vaseline for chafing issues).

Safety is our first priority and we are fortunate to have Blacksburg Police, Montgomery County Sheriff Department, and Christiansburg Police all working the event along with the Rescue Squads from Blacksburg, Virginia Tech and Christiansburg. That being said, if a driver is not paying attention please do not assume they will stop. Please be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself.

Finish Line

We will have live music, Hokie Chili (Turkey) and vegetarian chili, plus fruits, chocolate, bagels, water, Gatorade and soda. The food is only for the 5K and half marathon participants, plus volunteers.

Need a Ride?

If your body is not doing well (not an emergency) and you need to stop, we can come to pick you up. Just ask any of the road marshals or aid/ water stations and they will call our team of drivers to come to get you.


The HokieBird will be at the finish for pictures and to encourage you to finish strong! 9 am to 11 am.


PLEASE check the results by the Awards Table. 5K Awards and Half Marathon awards can be picked up right away at the awards table. Results will be posted every 15 minutes (starting at 25 minutes into the race for the 5K and 1 hour 30 minutes for the half marathon. Half Marathon awards (prize money) will be given out to the overall winners after their races. If there are any timing issues and we need to review the finish line cameras we will mail awards. Announcements will be made. If everything with timing is smooth, we will NOT be mailing awards out.

Customize Your Medal

New River Engraving can customize your medal. Call them at 540-382-0232. Check out what it would look like here: https://www.newriverengraving.com/product/hokie-half-marathon-plates/


If you registered as a no-frills half marathoner you do not receive a participant shirt or finisher award. You do receive the finisher medal and finisher magnet. Maroon bibs get the ½ marathon shirts and medals. Orange bibs in the 5K receive a 5K finisher medal.

Course Maps

Hokie Half course map has changed. 2022 route due to potential flooding. https://onthegomap.com/s/o0javg2s

Hokie 5K course map is at http://hokiehalf.com/hokie-5k/


We will have two photographers and will upload those pictures to the Facebook site. They are free.


Thank you to our sponsors! Skip Slocum of Nest Realty, Freedom First, Adjust NRV, RunAbout Sports, Blacksburg Physical Therapy, Spectrum Brands, Clarity Eye Care, VPT, Blacksburg Boxing & Fitness, and Renew and Restore Wellness. We appreciate your support!

Proceeds from the Hokie Half Marathon and 5K will go to the following charities and groups. VT Running Club, VT Triathlon Club, Pulaski H.S. XC Team, Our House, Blacksburg XC, Christiansburg High School Band, Volunteers for Literacy of the New River Valley and if enough proceeds the Blacksburg and Christiansburg Volunteer Rescue Squads.

Special thanks to the Blacksburg Police, Montgomery County Sheriff Department and Christiansburg! Police all working the event along with the Rescue Squads from Blacksburg, Virginia Tech and Christiansburg.

Thank you once again, Safe Travels and Good Luck!!!